Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 7 and 8 Photos that make you

I have blisters all over my feet. They hurt. My legs ache.
Working to look after other people all day takes it out of you.
Hence the reason I haven't blogged my day 7 on the right day.
I crashed into bed so early last night, only to be up at 5 to do it all again today.
Home now, enjoying a coffee.

So where were we? Day 7, Share a photo that makes you smile...

Charlie reminds me of Thing 1 and 2 from Dr Seuss. He's always doing something to make me laugh and smile.

This one makes me smile because despite all the mountains and black holes, we're connected. We're together in this and we can rely on each other. Awww super mush hey?

Day 8, a photo that makes you sad...

This one always breaks me. I know how hard it was for B to leave her to see me. He wanted to be with us both every minute of every day. He wanted to do everything he possibly could for her and for me but there was only one of him.

Everyday there is a constant reminder that there is a person missing from our family. That I indeed once upon a time had three children. It doesn't appear that way from the outside but inside it's always there, like a little grey cloud waiting to rain down on me. I needed to in some way put the three of them side by side and together. I was amazed at how much they all look alike.

This photo was a complete accident but still when I saw it I was shocked at how sad I look. Do I look like this to the world all the time?


  1. Such emotion in every picture you have posted. All of them tug at the heart. Especially all 3 together. You are Mumma to 3 beautiful children.

    The last shot, it looks as though you are deep in thought. Sad a little too, yes.

    Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Beautiful, happy Day 7 pics. Super mush is allowed :)

    Day 8 pics are hard. There is so much love in the first one, and your explanation is so touching. I think your last one is how many of us's not the same, and we feel so different.

    Sending hugs and love.