Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wild Tree

If I could capture in just one image all my thoughts and emotions for the moment, this would be it. Something drew me to this tree. It almost felt like she was calling my name. Whispering it in the wind. I made Brendan stop the car on the side of the road so I could take her picture.

I see me in this image. It expresses me. 

There is darkness surrounding her, yet there is light.
The storm clouds lingering, 
ready to pour down on the earth. 
This lonesome tree in the middle of a field. 
She is complicated and delicate. 
Her branches are twisted and bare. 
Yet she stands strong,
Her roots planted firmly in the soil.
Those roots so intricately entwined around the deep heart of the earth.
She continues to grow despite her harsh conditions. 
Standing the test of time.
She continues to survive.
There is more to her than I see.
Her wild branches reach for the skies, 
Searching for something.
I read about a farmer who saw great trees sprout where young calves were born still.
Perhaps I share in the pain of loss with this great tree?
Honouring what once was.
It is nature
It is life 
It is death
It is life...

1 comment:

  1. This is such a devastatingly sad and also incredibly beautiful poem Carly. Same with the photo.