Thursday, May 7, 2009

Loving and Living and Marshmallows Too

In the spirit of this blog 'from loss to living'. I'm taking it one step at a time. I'm learning that life does go on. That I need to enjoy it while I've got it. 
Yeah there are days when I'm not feeling like that but that's okay too. 
My major lesson from my daughters birth and death is that I need to love to live and ultimately live to love ;) Got that? Sound simple? Not all the time.

It's about finding balance too. You cannot surround yourself with grief and expect to feel anything but that. I'm not saying we cant, wont or don't grieve. I'm saying there is a time for other things too. We need to cry and be angry but we also need to see beauty and nature and love. We need these things. I'm reaching a point where I feel that my daughter came to teach me something. She didn't come to teach me pain and anger and saddness. This is the human reaction to loss and to the physical/material world. She's physically gone and I'm grieving that,  but in reality, she's still very much surrounding me. Filling my heart.

Perhaps I'm having a better day than usual?

So back to the point about finding that balance in life. 
Finding those ways to love and live. 

What do you do? 

You bundle the family into the car, buy a tent along the way and you sleep in the bush. 
Watch in awe as your children marvel in the bugs and the dirt. 

You do something you would have only attempted to do as a child, you let go. 
You feel the wind in your face. 
You squeal in excitement along with your children.
You watch the sunset and watch it rise again on a new day

Oh and you eat far too many marshmallows toasted in the campfire...

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