Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gee you look good.

I find it amusing when people tell me I look good after they hear what I've been through in the last few months, as if that's some kind of compensation?

I tell you what I wouldn't give to be told "gee you look like shit."
What I wouldn't give to be still in my pyjamas at three in the afternoon.
Pyjamas that are covered in baby vomit.
What I wouldn't give to wake to my baby during the night.
To hear her cry
To carry her in a sling
Feed her
Dress her
Hold her in my arms...

But I look well? What's that supposed to really mean?


  1. Oh Carly, how I wish I could tell you that you look like shit, that you look tired and smell like baby vomit. I'm so sorry your little one isn't here to wake you in the night and to cuddle close. Mama, my heart breaks for you.

    Abby xo

  2. Thanks Abby. I think of you often :) Belly rubs from me to you! xoxo