Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whirlpools of funk

Absolutely nothing wise, wonderful, beautiful or profound to say.
I'm stuck in a rut. A funk. A mess. A whirlpool.

My eyes are going to fall out of my head it seems. I'm tired. Oh so tired.
Tired enough to burst into tears at the doctors over a simple piece of paper.

I sleep, I can't sleep. Am I sleeping? It's filled with dreams and nightmares and terror.
It sucks and I hate to be like this. I don't want to be this grouchy person ALL of the time.

I just feel like I can't catch my breath. I'm running myself into the ground and it's all coming from my head. Manifesting into other things. I don't know how much longer before I'm buried under it all and I crash.

I'm irritated and angry but I'm working on that, well actually I'm more breathing it out and ignoring the reasons for it. I can't deal with that right now. Another time. Another life. Oh what? We only get one?

Blergh. Totally sums it up without using profanities.

*Random thought #1- All of your pictures look different to me now. You don't look beautiful anymore. You look sad and tired. Pained. That crushes me. Were you feeling that way? The photos of me, you, all of them look different. Wrong somehow. The beauty seems lost. I can't look anymore. Even as I resist the urge to take them away my heart aches. I know even if you aren't on the wall you'll make my heart ache, so why is it so hard to look at you? I need a break.

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