Monday, April 5, 2010

Words can mean so much more

As inspired by Still Life's Mid Month April Challenge I've been thinking about all those well meaning and not so well meaning comments I've had thrown at me by a whole variety of people. I thought I'd put them here so I don't lose them in the abyss that is my mind. Not that you forget some of these. I'm also sharing how words can sometimes be so so wrong.
I'm still processing what to do for this challenge, so I'm brainstorming here. Better get to it, I'm running out of time!
  • At least you've had two other children
  • You have two other children to worry about
  • At least it wasn't your first baby
  • You gave her everything you could
  • You made the best decisions at the time
  • You were lucky
  • It was meant to be
  • She's an angel now
  • It was her path, her journey
  • She was teaching you
  • She'll always be in your heart
  • I'm sorry
  • You'll have this burden to carry for the rest of your life
  • I know it hurts, I understand
  • Have you thought about surrogacy/freezing your eggs?
  • You can always find out about surrogacy
  • Where's your baby?
  • Did you have your baby yet?
  • Was it because you had a homebirth?
What sort of things have people said to you?


  1. Carly I just wanted to let you know I have read your words and I think of you often, with love Ana

  2. I was told that Amelia was 'just a biological fart.' Nice huh?