Friday, May 18, 2012

A single moment

Having a dead baby moment.

The day where I'm that woman...

I should have learnt by now that I need to remove the expectations, the time frames, the limits.

To just be. To let it pass through me. To feel whatever it is I'm feeling at the time.

Key words

Stop fighting it

I just despise this funk

It makes me question my very existence

Her existence

To hold your child

One you never thought you'd have

To have to stare into her eyes and wonder why you are still breathing

To know to the very core of your soul that she was never meant to be




Knowing that you're making decision that no one should ever make

Wishing for peace

Holding on

Watching every move

Every breath

Every smell

Waiting for the moment

The nausea, the confusion and numbness all in one single moment

When hearts break and she's gone



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