Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

This year I'm trying to express more in a creative way.
I love art. I love to create.
I'm also trying to let go of the "I can't do that and it looks crap" voice.

I was so excited to have been reading Curls O Fred's blog and found this project.

I'm terrified and inspired by all the beautiful talented artists but I'm going to jump right in and give it a go. If anything it's not about their art and how silly mine might look amongst theirs.
It's about my process. My journey. My sketchbook.

Finding my way. My style.

So yeah I'm a sucker for a big project. Just the word "project" makes me want to be involved. It's also a really good excuse to buy some new pens and paper. Art supplies make me happy.

I love watercolour but I'm not entirely sure how to achieve greatness. I also recently discovered a love of fine liner pens. I've got lots of experimenting to do.

My sketchbook, I'm thinking will be a combination of drawing, watercolour, collage and written word. I'll post about the theme when my book arrives.

In the meantime check out The Sketchbook Project and get yourself involved.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011


  1. oooo... I love projects too. Good luck on this! Can't wait to see your progress as it unfolds :)

  2. okay so I'm back. WOW what an amazing project. I'm totally in! I just hope I can make time for it! It seems like!

  3. Yay Franchesca! I think it will be important to just go with it, you know? Not be too restricted or worried about the end product.