Thursday, August 19, 2010

Health Goals Part 2

Errr well I've been a bit slack on the health goals posting. No one really noticed though, did you?

Today I had a very intense, no nonsense, let's get to the point and past this garbage therapy session today.

I despise that word. Therapy. It's not therapy. She's not even a psych. She's a VERY alternative social worker. Anyway...

I've been participating in a women's group for the past 6 weeks. This week was our last group. So today was our first session together for many months. I've been plodding along nicely and haven't felt the need to really book in and see her. When the group finished though I decided I'd like to really do some more work with her. There's been something massive I've been avoiding. She knew that, I knew that.

So today it began.

This isn't baby loss related. This is another form of trauma that I've been hanging on to for a good 10 years. Never taken out of the box. Just left lying dormant for one day when I was strong enough to grab it head on and remove it completely from my life. It took losing a whole lot more for me to be able to do this. Funny how grief and loss puts these things into perspective.

Despite being absolutely exhausted I feel lighter. I feel like this is going to be good. Painful and intense and raw but so good.

Uhh so back to the health goals...

  • I'm mentally processing the garbage
  • I'm seeing my GP next week with the support of my Social Worker to make a plan of action
  • I'm drinking plenty of water
  • I'm eating a little better but still could do with some improvement
  • I rang the Kickboxing trainer and I'm doing my first class on Saturday morning
  • I'm taking Billy Goat Plum Essence for my self image issues

How's your week going?

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