Monday, February 15, 2010

Creative sharing

I'm in such awe of all the baby lost parents I've encountered along the way. Every single one of them I've never met yet we share such a raw, passionate and sad journey together and I feel like I know them. Or at least know those dark parts of them that I too own.

I digress. Again.

I've been reading lots of blogs and looking at those that use a creative outlet for their grief. It's beautiful. I am a creative person at heart. I love to create but when it comes to Yuna and my journey I feel so stifled. It just wont come. It's there but I just can get it to flow. Maybe I'm thinking too much, trying too hard?

Something I love to do though, is edit my photos. I spend hours looking and re looking at them. You can never have too many photos of a person that you didn't get to keep. So I guess that is a creative outlet. I look at her. I remember her. I make them beautiful.
Well they were always beautiful but you know what I mean?

Sharing my photos is a way of me feeling like she was real. She lived. I have proof in the pictures.

I look at these photos and it feels like my heart could burst right out of my chest with such love and joy and pain. So much love for her, so much joy that I held a beautiful baby girl in my arms, so much pain that she's not here in my world.

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