Thursday, September 10, 2009


How does one survive when there was no inner core, no strength, no stability to begin with?
You crumble, you drown, you fight for air.
It's hard to love when you don't love yourself.
I feel like I'm forever picking up the pieces. Rebuilding over and over. From the ground up.
Turmoil, pain and a whole lot of self hate.
I'm detached and disconnected because I'm afraid to hurt. Of the hurt.
You've been broken it's hard to get that back.
Self confidence.
Love and passion.
I need to work out how to love me first.
I don't want to. I don't deserve love.

I am learning. Slowly but learning it's okay to live.
The dual nature of the human spirit.
We can be happy yet be sad too.
Joy and pain.
There is no one or the other. Everything just is.
Accept it with grace? Learn to be.
Not one or the other, just be.
Easier said than done.

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