Friday, August 7, 2009


Mystic Weavings

An ultimate reality believed from insightful gifts
Visions from Creator and my contemplative spirit uplifts

The reason I was born, a puzzle pieced with forgiveness divine
An expression of creativity connected, unrelated to bloodline

My greater purpose courses through the veins of my past
As surroundings are experienced with intimate contrast

I am meant to serve by transforming perceptions ignored
So that rites of passage are lived with a valued, inner reward

A deep satisfaction as I personally grow to share
That making a difference in the world is love in prayer

Each new breath of gratitude I’ll weave within nature
With discernment, not judgment to specific nomenclature

No monastery, castle or dogmatic school of thought
Just peace, love and devotion within, eternally walked and talked.

TK Rosevear

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