Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To my dear Yuna Jane


Your spirit was greater than that of any being I've ever known
it was powerful and raw.
Or maybe it was entiwined with the wild energy it took to carry you and bring you into this world.
Two strong and pure feminine energies swirling and unleashing love and power.
The feeling washing over me like crashing waves.

Your soft wet hair, the first touch and there you were.
Your absolute beauty
You took my breath away.

Soft wet skin, so so white
Heavy and limp.
You were meant to whimper.

I rubbed and rubbed
If only I could have breathed for you.
If I could have given my life to you, I would have.

You were meant to rest on my deflated belly and suckle at my breast.

Instead there was silence and stillness 
moving in slow motion 
time ceased to exist.

Your eyes fixed.
Perhaps you were never you?
Maybe you were always within me.
I'll never know, I can only imagine.

I do know that you, my wee womyn were born of this Earth only briefly but your message was clear.

You taught me the fragility of life but also the beauty of life and the lives we've created.
You taught me the beauty of birth and the power of love.
The strength, courage and wisdom within myself.

The importance of passion and following your heart.

I love you Yuna, little butterfly.

Forever our souls entwined and connected.

Halfway through this post I was distracted by 
a fluttering in the corner of my eye. To my suprise I looked out into the sunshine to see the most wonderful blue butterfly. 
A gift from my daughter. 
Thankyou little one!

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